A distinguished Strategic Advisory Board represented by C-suite executives with an interest in working with and fostering emerging, innovative health care companies.

Howard Cox

  • Special Limited Partner of Greylock Partners
  • Distinguished history of health care venture investing since the 1970s

Jody Holtzman

  • Senior Managing Partner, Longevity Venture Advisors
  • Former SVP of Market Innovation at AARP
  • Advisor to Match Point Partners

Michael Kaufman

  • Managing Partner, KBT Partners
  • Formerly Executive Vice President of Eclipsys Corporation
  • 30 years of information technology development and deployment experience

Mark Neaman

Mark served for 26 years as the Chief Executive Officer of $2 Billion+ NorthShore University HealthSystem in Chicago. In addition, he served on the Boards of The Advisory Board Co. (Nasdaq); AEA Investors (Cogent HMG); and Wellist (Boston).

Peter Pronovost, M.D.

  • Anesthesiologist, Professor and Director of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety, Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Innovator and advocate for patient safety and quality care in hospitals and health care
  • Dr. Provonost’s checklist have been credited with saving thousands of lives
  • Recipient of the prestigious MacArthur (“Genius”) Fellowship