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Health Care Information Technology

Tech-Enabled Health Care Services

Medical Devices & Diagnostics

We have helped build and finance some of the most innovative health care technology, tech-enabled services and medical device and diagnostic companies over the past thirty years.

We provide venture and expansion stage capital to emerging growth companies seeking value-added capital to build out leadership teams and support go-to-market strategies. We partner with early-movers whose solutions offer a tangible ROI, who are able to show near term revenue growth, who have capital efficient business models, and who are addressing large markets.

We enjoy nothing more than helping entrepreneurs build high-impact, ground-breaking, innovative companies, and we believe health care reform and the HiTech Act have created an opportunity for this that is unprecedented in size and scope. This opportunity is in the earliest stages of development; is transforming how health care is organized, delivered, and paid for; and will impact participants across the entire ecosystem – providers, payers, and consumers of health care.


Key Areas of Interest

  • Health Care Information Technology & Tech-Enabled Health Care Service Companies: Companies that reduce costs, improve population health management, improve the patient or member experience, drive patient engagement, enable provider management of risk, facilitate care coordination, enhance the value of the EMR, facilitate alternative delivery models to address clinician shortages, drive prevention and wellness, and power customer acquisition and customer retention.
  • Medical Devices and Diagnostics: Solutions that improve care for large populations and chronic disease at a reduced cost.