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We invest in innovative, market-leading health care technology, technology-enabled health care services and medical device and diagnostic companies that deliver improved quality of care at reduced cost and improve the consumer experience in health care.

HLM Venture Partners is one of the nation’s oldest and most established venture capital firms investing exclusively in health care technology, technology-enabled health care services, and medical device and diagnostic companies. For more than 30 years and through multiple prior waves of health care industry disruption, our partners have helped build market-leading, first-mover companies in these sectors. We have successfully capitalized on many of the prior major transformations in health care – the transition to outpatient care, the development of disease management, the expansion of managed Medicare and Medicaid, and the first major wave of internet-related HCIT innovation – and believe we are uniquely positioned to help entrepreneurs capitalize on the current opportunities presented by Health Care Reform and the HiTech Act.

In addition to traditional financial sponsors, we are proud to invest on behalf of some of the nation’s largest and most influential health plans, hospital systems, pharmacy chains, and health care foundations. We actively leverage these relationships to help accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies, to identify targeted investment themes, and to identify specific companies working with these organizations that may be seeking capital.

We target venture and expansion stage, US-based companies whose technologies, services, and solutions directly improve the way health care is organized, delivered, and paid for in the new, post-Health Care Reform economy.