Our Mission

We partner with the brightest and boldest entrepreneurs to build enduring companies that improve healthcare quality and costs, while generating outstanding returns for our investors and executives. We seek to be first-call partners to our founders and 
co-investors, and believe fiercely that these trusted relationships have differentiated our firm over the last four decades.

Our Focus

HLM invests in breakout companies that are demonstrating traction and facing an inflection point in growth.

We look for businesses that are capital efficient, patient-centric, technology-enabled and led by bold and principled management teams operating in large, fragmented markets.

We provide growth capital to help companies achieve escape velocity and pull away from their competition. We will also facilitate partial liquidity for founders and early shareholders.

Investment Themes

Expanding access to care

Americans face countless barriers to care, both physical and financial. Too often, high quality care is delivered in high-cost centers in major cities. HLM is focused on identifying these barriers and enabling solutions.

Enabling value-based care

The shift to value-based care is accelerating as payers better learn to price risk and technology assists more data-driven decision making for providers.

Advancing care for behavioral health

There is unprecedented demand for access to behavioral health. A flood of new digital mental health entrants has pushed the industry to recognize models that demonstrate superior clinical outcomes data.

Improving patient engagement and the patient experience

“Meeting customers where they are” (through multi-modal communication channels) can and does improve outcomes by steering patients towards more purpose-built sites of care.

Providing solutions to provider shortages

Health systems continue to face severe pressure to meet demand and ameliorate provider burnout.